Meet the man Tall Pete?

Tall Pete was a Farmer. Enjoying life and hard work. Had a great amount of passion. Living by truth and honesty. Love for his family and always making new friends – this is what the man Tall Pete was known for and the legacy he left behind.

But as a grower he knew the essential place healthy and fertile soil played in producing the best produce on the market. Using mules and oxen to plough the soil, spreading manure with spades and watering by hand with a bucket – this is how he began his humble but very successful life’s journey.

True to the character of our grandfather Tall Pete, who produced some of the world’s most flavourful produce – we as a second, third and fourth-generation young farmers continue with the same passion for quality, integrity and sustainability.

Tall Pete’s Fresh Philosophy

Being tired of over-roasted and not-fresh coffee, we decided to change the industry for the good. Fresh is a necessity. Our desire is that every person should experience the joy and pleasure only freshly roasted organic coffee beans can bring – every day of their life! Therefore, we are committed to produce coffee that is perfectly roasted and delivered at your door step before it is 48 hours old – ready to be enjoyed for the week or two ahead.

Making fresh coffee a lifestyle, we suggest buying only enough for say 10 days of your coffee needs. Tell us about your coffee drinking habits (250 grams, 500 grams or 1000 grams per week) and we will make sure that you always have just enough freshly roasted coffee beans at hand.

Knowing that as coffee gets old the beans taste mediocre and later on down right bad (after about 14 days of roasting). It is therefore of utmost importance to us not to compromise your coffee experience by giving you only fresh coffee. We do not sell beans that has been roasted more than two days ago – because we want you to taste the joy in every cup you make!

Buy a grinder because we do not sell grounded coffee. After freshly roasted coffee beans have been grounded, they quickly begin to lose their aroma and flavour. So, invest in a conical burr grinder and enjoy fresh coffee you prepared yourself – for the rest of your life!


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